The Truth About Plug-In Sales

The Truth About Plug-In Sales

Business is always a risk. There is never any guarantee of success or failure and all the rules can pretty much be boiled down to guidelines. However the good thing is the bigger the risk the bigger the possibility of profit. Some companies tend to struggle when it comes to making profits. More fight harder to hold firm these days with stocks being so volatile an asset. Some companies however show that with determination to meet goals and please customers they can come up. Tesla motors for one did that, despite losing only $90 million.

When a company can say their only loss is $90 million dollars… what some of our families can retire with for about 4 or so generations, that says a lot about a company’s faith in their products and the competence of their management team in bringing them back from any major pitfalls. In other words it seems compared to their achievements $90 million dollars were the least of their problems. As per their 2012 final quarter financial statement, they had a 500 percent jump in revenue. Total amount is $306 million. Now why celebrate when they have a $989 million dollar liability bill? Well, apparently even though they may be somewhat grossly in debt, they did look on the bright side. They have made deliveries for about 2,400 Model S sedans in the fourth quarter and made a $12.7 million principal payment on their Dept. of E loan. At this point they also stated that they are now producing 400 vehicles per week, which means that as Tesla says they’re now at a point where they can “reliably” produce 20,000 cars a year. They are opening more stores and are looking to get into the market in Europe and Asia, while doubling the number of service stations by 2013. At this point tesla says “To conclude, 2012 was indeed the Year of Model S. This year, we are on a journey to expand the presence of Model S and turn profitable.”

This is a confident note from the rather young auto company apparently even with that big liability looming they seek to grow and do better, always expecting bigger and better things. Such is life and such is business; celebrate everything good no matter how small and use the negatives as the push to keep up the good fight.


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