Fisker Gives Followers Advice on Losing Weight

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Everyone likes to see everything going right when they run a big company. Sales are up, profits hold steady and the stock could not be better. However this is a utopian idea at best in the face of a recession. Some companies are facing cuts, mergers and some just downright shutdown. However there are some little things that pretty much are just either icing on the cake or insult to injury even if they may make you laugh your head off in some retrospect. By all means, feel free to pick one.

Automaker Fisker has been pushing forward and having a hard time as such doing so. They face bankruptcy, the company that supplies the batteries for their electric cars like the Karma stopped production and was sold to a company in China, Fisker themselves are looking for a buyout (with automaker Geely Automotive as the favored bidder) to see where they can begin producing another more modestly priced project, then to add to the list their Twitter account gets hacked by a spammer spreading the good news about “The Fastest Way To Lose BodyFat in (2)Weeks”. However their PR in charge of monitoring their account in response sent this message: “We know that the fans and followers of Fiskerauto don’t need to lose weight… Disregard our last tweet as we were hacked like other OEMS.” Frankly while it is doubtful anyone will really take offense or lose sleep…much less think they were hacked, one thing is for sure. It is really quite funny when one thinks on it. This is especially true when other companies such as Jeep and Burger King also received similar issues.

Some things just cannot be helped. However I is always a good idea that access to that kind of information can be protected and Fisker was quick to deal with the issue before it got out of hand. At least when all is said and done, Fisker did everything to preserve its image.


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