Ferrari Stirs High Expectations for F150 Replacement

Ferrari very recently announced that the F150 replacement for the Enzo will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. But this they did, in a very un-ferrari-like manner. Instead of releasing a official notice or something else along the regular business like methods; Ferrari released it on their Instagram page. That is, their official Instagram page. We give them an a for doing things way outside the box.

The post featured a picture of the car’s  front end with words under it, “Geneva Motor Show I am coming to take your hearts away”.  Much more was said. It seemed to make the car speak and the picture surely helped with that. It was like the dark, intriguing stranger speaking to you from the shadows. Sparking your interest, robbing you of sleep through creating anticipation. Almost….like Optimus Prime.

Ferrari better live up to the expectations they have now made very high.


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