2016 May Leave Us Driving Air Mobiles

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As we know, all car manufacturers are looking towards alternative methods to power their vehicles as opposed to the traditional gas engine in an an attempt to help the environment and driver’s pockets at the gas pump. Auto manufacturer Peugeot has taken an unconventional approach to this alternate energy thing and are looking to compressed air.

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The company recently announced that their intent is to release a hybrid car by 2016 fitted with this new compressed air technology. This system comprises of a gasoline motor, compressed air storage, an automatic transmission in conjunction with a epicyclic gear train and a hydraulic motor pump assembly.

This revolutionary system uses the hydraulic motor pump to force compressed air against fluid which will in turn activate the wheels. This system sounds simple know, but hey nobody thought of it before. At least not anyone who came to the forefront as Peugeot did.

With this this intended air -powered hybrid, the driver would have 3 operating modes to choose from. These are gas internal combustion, ZEV(Zero Emission Vehicle) or a combination of the two. This new system will be fitted to current models, namely the Peugeot 208 and Citroen C3. 2016 has something serious for us to anticipate. This better not be a flunk.

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