Porsche 918 Spyder Venemous to Other Hybrid Cars

Technology has a way of catching up to us. By that what is actually meant is that technology has a way of improving to appoint where it tends to either meet or exceed the standards of the general public. This can also be said somewhat of green technology utilized in hybrid cars. The Toyota Prius is in many ways innovative in helping us reach that point, though there is hardly anything much more than that to write home about. Since then other cars, mostly economy cars and luxury sedans and sports coupes from companies such as Tesla have made heavy use of hybrid technology but by no means could they match a true-bred supercar on road or track. It seems the hybrid market had pretty much forgotten about those among us that love speed; then along came a spyder.

This is not just any spyder by the way; this spyder is the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid. Not to mislead anyone with the name, this green beast is a 795-horsepower boxer engine road ripper. The official pricing will still however sink many hearts as the going price for this car is $845,000. Of course the modified Weissach trim package which utilizes carbon fiber components and magnesium wheels, flame-resistant upholstery, racing belts and aerodynamic aids, will lighten your pocket further by as much as another $85K. The car is pretty limited edition also, as Porsche has confirmed only 918 of these cars will be made.

Other cars that have their prices confirmed for the year are the 2014 Cayman which will go for $52,600, Panamera S Hybrid at $96,150, Cayenne Diesel $55,750 and Cayenne S Hybrid $69,850. It seems like a pretty good line up so maybe if you cannot keep up with the price tag of Porsche’s new supercar project, there are still other very nice considerations.


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