Consumer Reports Busts A Smart Move On Tesla


Sometimes the only way to get things done is to do them ourselves. However, quite often that is just not possible. Consider this, if someone is going to review a restaurant and they let the owner know they are coming, best believe the place will be spic and span in ten minutes and the best dishes will be there ready and waiting for them to sample. However the average customer may not actually get the same treatment. Surely with this knowledge in mind; Consumer Reports decided that they were going to find out the experience of buying a car from Tesla Motors.

They went to purchase the Tesla Model S under the guise of regular customers. They used a private email so as not to reveal their identity. The documents were signed with an electronic signature. Their first impression of the website was very interactive and user friendly. They could also easily get help from a human being where needed and when it came down to the final stages, arrangements were done by phone.

They got the chance to test drive the vehicle to get a first impression, and apparently it was a good feel from start to finish. It seems Tesla may have won themselves a good review from Consumer report with the buyer’s experience they gave them and apparently, there isn’t a whole song and dance like with the traditional dealer. The official review though is still pending.

Hopefully  Tesla’s experience will have other car companies on their best behavior, out of concern that this may happen to them.




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