China Shows 3 Intriguing EVs in Detroit

Most people don’t like to look at products and see those words printed on it. We all know them; “Made in China”. For many of us that seems to equate to a knock off that will last one week. In short, a lot of people think the best things to come from China may be martial arts movies and Happy Meal toys. However China has come a long way and shows it is definitely making progress. Now they are looking to penetrate the EV market and the Guangzhou Automobile Group made a lot of stir at the 2013 Detroit Auto show.

They carried three vehicles, firstly their Trumpchi GS5-BEV. It runs on an all-electric drive train and rather good styling to be honest. It features 200 horsepower, 2-hour charging, and bi-directional power capability. The vehicle is said to have a range of $100 miles and Guangzhou Automobile states that ‘”Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), Vehicle-to-House (V2H) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) power flow are all possible.”. Pretty much your car can charge anywhere, even in your own home. Furthermore it means your car can be your very own generator when you need to power equipment or in the event of a power outage. Guangzhou actually brought three green models to show off, including its GS5-BEV, the 4WD Trumpchi Hybrid sedan, and the E-jet Concept. This means that there are options available for this new and very useful concept. However this is not your Smart car. Apparently the E-jet has an acceleration time of 4.5 seconds from 0-60. Seems to make a pretty good deal coming from China and this should be great once it goes into mass production.

So being made in China is not so bad. It can have its ups. Guangzhou Automobiles is pretty intent on making it a positive impact on the EV market and the automotive industry in general. It is definitely worth the investment based on what seems to be shown here and hopefully will be reproduced on the assembly line.



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