A look at Electric Vehicle Popularity in Europe In Another Decade

With the continues increase in fuel prices as well as the awakening to the importance of protecting our habitat; electric cars are becoming more and more popular. This popularity is likely to increase as time goes by with the heightening fuel prices seeming to be becoming a trend amongst gas stations. Also, some countries seem to be eager to lead in setting that trend…not sure why.

According to Pike Research their estimates are that the sales of electric vehicles in Europe will jump more than fivefold between now and the end of 2020. Using percentage, that means there will be an increase in users from .7% to about 4% by the end of the decade. As proof of this, French electric and hybrid vehicle association AVERE-France said that more than 5,6000 EVs were sold in France last year, doubling its 2011 total and accounting for about one in every 6,200 of the country’s vehicles. When one considers the price of fuel that does seem to be a contributing factor, however what should also be considers is that there are also very readily available. The broader prevalence of fuel-efficient diesel vehicles offers more familiarity and just as many options, as such automakers will still have to put quite a bit of work into their sales pitch.

In the meantime consider that Europe will be a little greener and now more cars will be available to maneuver some of those well…very tiny roads and some people will be motivated to trim down some inches to fit in those cars.



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