Leaked Pics of the 2014 Convertible Corvette?

2014 Chevy Corvette Convertible: This Is Probably It [UPDATE: Or Maybe Not]

Curiosity was stirred when photos of what is alleged to be the 2014 convertible Corvette, which was not expected to be put in production until, well, 2014. According to Chevy’s Director of Communications , Michael Albano, the pictures are…dun dun duuuun!!!!…fake.

It is believed that the pictures that had hearts limping, are actually rendered ones of a small scale model  future convertible, created  by Maisto. This is all hearsay and there is a picture. Truly knowing whether it is indeed some darn good Photoshopping or an actual picture of the 2014 Corvette convertible is left up to the matter of time. Everything always comes to the light. Let’s put it out there though, that if this is and accurate photo…Damn! We give it all our thumbs and toes, up.


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