Tesla’s New Model X Spreads It’s Wings at The Detroit Autoshow

Tesla's New Model X Spreads It's Wings at The Detroit Autoshow

Tesla has released what they call a design prototype at the Detroit Auto Show this week. It’s called the Model X and it’s sort of like a mini van mixed with a a normal 4 door sedan…without the normal doors.

To begin with, the body styling is as we would expect from Tesla. It has nice sleek lines and all that jazz. But the most interesting feature has to be the back doors which open upward, resembling gullwing doors. Tesla calls them falcon wings. That name sounds cool doesn’t it? Even though the car does not resemble a gull.

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When it comes to the interior, one thing can definitely be said; it has alooot of space. There are three rows of seat and the middle row can be folded unto the floor to create some sort of low table. So you can drive to the park to have a picnic and just lay it all out in the back of the car. Makes sense?

The Model X seats 7 passengers comfortably, but with a deep trunk and adequate cargo room to the rear, it can hold all the junk the 7 passengers will take with them as well. As it relates to getting down the road, the Model X is AWD, with a 362 or 410hp motor driving the rear axle and an additional electric motor driving the front axle. This motor makes way for the Model X to achieve 0-60 in 5 seconds! So performance is A-O-Great!

If your interested in making the Model X your next family vehicle, it should cost you about us$30, 000 to do so. Road trips here you go!

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