This Fisker Car Does Not Care For The Economy…But it’s Awesome.

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Let it be known that this might be rather upsetting to green car advocates, while giving performance car enthusiasts a large Cheshire cat grin. Aparently, Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villereal have taken the The Luxury green machine, the Fisker Karma, trashed the electric motor, batteries and 2 liter engine. Then, replaced those components with a heavy,gas-guzzling, bad ass Chevrolet Ls9 motor which is the same motor that powers the Corvette zr1. How terribly awesome is that?

They have named this creation the Destino. Which happens to be very reminiscent of the word destiny. Coincidence or a message? Moving along. Destino has a power output of a heart-pumping 638 hp and with that type of performance, naturally, gas mileage is out the door. The Destino does 15 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. So it is not for the Eco-car hunter.The Karma was chosen for this swap because of it’s aerodynamic design, which Lutz happens to be a big fan of.

If this high performing machine appeals to you, hopefully the price does too. $102,000. Yes, the Destino is very pricey, but for those with deep pockets it should be a nice toy toy to have. If the gas mileage and the fact that it is in  no way and Eco car doesn’t ride your conscience strings.







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