New Plans for Audi E-Tron Electric Supercar

Audi R8 E-Tron in red on auto show floor

Last October the news was that Audi’s electric supercar, the R8 E-Tron, was going to be put on hold. Well, according to a statement from Audi of America product and motorsports communications manager, Mark Dahncke, the E-Tron project may still be continued. Just in a very small volume. The exact amount though, is yet to be decided and large scale production can be forgotten. That will not be happening.

This is marvelous news for those who were bracing for the competition. Still, it will be a pleasure to see this project go into production and even a greater pleasure for those who get to have it in their garage. Anybody thinking of owning one of these better jump on the list early though. As the man said, not many of them will be  built.



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