[Concept Cars] Family Friendly Sports Car, The Ultimate Dream Car…for The Family Man

Xelestine's transformable sportscar concept in wagon mode

Just about every teen male at some point in their young life wants to drive a car and at that time, it more often than not, is a hot, sleek cherry red coupe bound to turn heads or at least something else it’s equivalent. However, the average teen probably would not be able to actually afford that fantasy until around the age of 40.

By then most of them would then have children and need to consider that the two seater just won’t cut it for lugging them around for all the things children do.

Normally by then they would have to decide between a Dodge Caravan or if they are lucky, that nice pickup truck with lots of horses to somewhat capture some of the youthful zeal for a powerful vehicle or they could get a sporty wagon. Not exactly the dream is it?

Well, why not both and still get the sports car? That is what Xelestine had in mind when they designed their own concept car that transforms based on necessity, into a sports car, a wagon or a pickup truck. The concept centers on the rear window that can be raised to switch from a fastback to a wagon, or can be folded to create a pickup truck.

Xelestine has an international patent on the design of the vehicle; however they hope that they can attract the interest of manufactures to further develop the design of the car. It would be very interesting to see some of these integrated into vehicles for mass production. Until then, I suppose men will have to continue dealing with the “crisis” the old fashioned way a little while longer.


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