[MotorBusiness] Porsche sells almost 430.000 Porsche Cayenne SUVs since 2002

[MotorBusiness] SUV boom: Porsche sells almost 430.000 Porsche Cayenne  since 2002

Ten years after its introduction, the Porsche Cayenne series increasingly determined the sales statistics of the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer. Nearly 429.000 Porsche Cayenne SUVs have been sold since its launch in December 2002, as the VW subsidiary announced on Friday.

In the balance of the current year (eleven months), the Cayenne delivers 53 percent of Porsche’s sales and rising. 68,435 sales are compared to the corresponding period last year 23 percent increase.

In the most recent comparison of the months of November 2012 and November 2011, sales for the Cayenne increased eveen 50 percent.

Foto-Gallerie: Porsche Cayenne S-Hybrid

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