BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Lives Up To What’s Expected From The Bavarian Motor Company

BMW is said to be the ultimate driving machine and it seems as if they intend to live up to that saying with their introduction of the 2013 Active hybrid 3. First of there are four models that can be chosen from this new line-up; Luxury, Modern, Sport and M sport.

In these four versions, the interior and exterior differ in that the interior colors, trim pieces, rims and stuff of that sort. So whether you want a sporty car or just comfort, your covered.

Now to talk about the fun stuff. These are naturally, the engine and power output. The Active Hybrid 3 is powered by a N55 inline 6 cylinder motor, mated to a 8 speed steptronic transmission. This transmission also houses the e-motor. The power output is a fun 335hp and 332 lb/ft, with the electric motor counting for 54 of those horses and 155 lb/ft. Wowzers, those are some impressive number. This power is useful considering that this thing weighs 3,860 lb. Gratitude can be given to the battery pack between the rear wheels. But despite the weight it is still able to do 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Impressive much?

The active hybridd 3 also has a very intriguing feature called the coasting mode. What this does is when you come off the throttle while going downhill, the engine decouples itself from the drive shaft going to the rear wheels and shuts down. The purpose of this is to stop the engine from emitting pollutants and keeping the car from lapsing as a result of the engine’s friction. Schnitzel  that’s pretty cool indeed.

If the Active Hybrid 3 appeals to you and we can’t see why it wouldn’t, the base price on delivery is us$50,194 and if it already seems expensive, options such as M sport suspension calibration and a variable sport’s steering will increase that figure by us$1,000. So this is an expensive road toy. But at te end of the day, if you like it and ave the cash go for it. Life is short.


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