[Green Motor] Tesla Giving Tesla Owner’s A Sleep Mode

Technology being as it is, there is always a demand for software to be updated to make electronic devices run “better” or do moire functions that it did previously. Humans just have a need to make things better and better and better. Well, if your a Tesla Model S owner you can now not only get upgraded software for your phone, but also a new sleep mode for your Model S to save on power.

This new software works by turning off vehicle electronics and the display once you exit the car. It will also initiate a start-up process when the key is detected. If you are impatient for the electronics to restart . there is an option to change the settings in order for them to stay on while your out of the vehicle. Though practicing that would reduce the life of the 12 vol battery and also the car’s range b y up to 8 miles per day.

When you weigh the benefits this new software provides, you will see that it is really a neat upgrade and it just shows that you are getting your money’s worth whenever you decide to buy a Tesla. The update should be available to Tesla Model S owners in a few days.


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