Fiat 500e Looking Good and Doing Good Too For An EV

Fiat has finally gotten there foot into the electric vehicle market, with the introduction of their new 500e. The car is powered by an electric drive motor, cranking out 111hp and 147 lb/ft of torque, doing an estimated range of 180 miles and more than 100 miles in the City. That is pretty darn good.

In the looks department, this is where the 500e truly shines,due to it’s newly designedbody to reduce drag. These new design elements include belly pans under the car, rear spoiler, re-sculpted mirror caps, 15 inch flush face wheels, a perforated front fascid and side sills. These changes not only give the car a sporty look, but they also aid in the improvement of the cars performance. In order to accentuate the sweet body styling, the 500e is available in 5 colors; white, grey, silver, regular black and the eye popping electric orange. 

The interior is easy on the eyes as well, available in either black or steam leatherette, with electric orange accents. Now that sounds sexy. It also includes a TFT 7 inch screen, which displays range, battery status and other general vehicle statistics.  The Fiat 500e also has an available esport package, which dictates the color of the exterior accents, such as the mirrors and front fascia.

Overall, the new 500e is a cool little car, no pun intended. It has lots of physical appeal,giving it  the potential ability to attract anyone into becoming a new Fiat 500e owner.



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