Audi F12 e Sport A Dream…

Audi finally unveiled their first all-electric prototype sports car, which they dubbed the F12 e Sport. The F12 was built in conjunction with a number of institutes at the RWTH Aachen University and Bosch.

The F12 is powered by 3 electric motors. A synchronous motor drives the front wheels at low speeds and at high speeds two performance optimized asynchronous motors drive the rear wheels. All 3 motors are capable of being operated individually. But together they have a power output of 204 hp and 405.66 lb/ft of torque.

Power for the motors comes from 2 separate battery blocks, each containing 200 macrocells, producing an over all capacity of 38 kWh upwards. The batteries have an output voltage of 144 or 216 volts and use a DC/DC converter.

Externally the F12 shares the eye catching styling of the Audi R8, making a winner from the beginning. The interior sports  buttons on the center console which control drive, neutral, reverse and even parking, while a removable tablet computer, housed in the center control, controls all other operations.

This is all interest-peaking and almost favoring the cool car one would see in a SciFi movie. But unfortunately it may never go into production. Since the e performance research project has been ceased. No clue as to why.  Triple  bummer. The good news is, some of the components and technology developed during the project, will most likely go into actual production vehicles. So says Audi.



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