Biggest Chevy Volt Enthusiast Had To Give It Up For Short Coming

The Chevy Volt has acquired a legion of fans and happy, loyal owners since it’s release. But no one has claims to be a bigger fanatic than Dr. Lyle Dennis. He is the founder of the GM Volt enthusiast website, that he started even before the Volt came on the market.

With that said, it came as quite a surprise when he traded in his 2011 Volt for a…wait for it…a Ford C-Max Energi. He said he is still a avid supporter of the Chevy Volt, but had to switch simply for space to transport his family of three kids and a wife. The Ford C-Max Energi offers this space. The Chevy Volt does not. He did say though that he was proud to have owned the 8th Volt of the production line.

Maybe this tragic loss of a important enthusiast will inspire Chevy to create a Volt with more seating capacity. Like a Volt Mini van or wagon?


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