The US is just not in the mood for diesel

While being green and fuel efficient seems to be the talk of the town, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of future for diesel cars in the United States. Or atleast the automakers dont think so. While the trial and error period for diesel cars has come and gone, there are still a few automakers out there that are still hopeful and then there are some others who would rather not risk it, like Honda Inc. Honda Civic, the sedan is one of the most popular selling cars of the company. Being gasoline powered for several years now, Honda decided to bring out the Civic in a turbodiesel engine kind, however not in the United States.

Guess who’s going to benefit from it then? The Europeans. Honda plans to launch it in Europe where diesel-powered cars seem to be more respected and welcome.

The US doesnt seem to have a soft bone for it at the moment but hopefully a time will come when we decide to make more intelligent fuel choices.

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