Ford’s Folding Electric Microcar no longer a prototype

If you come from a busy, crammed up city like mine, then you know that when you absolutely have to get somewhere on time, you would rather wade it out in the public bus or train rather than drive through busy streets and risk getting on time. But then again, there are those of us who absolutely will not give up our personal comfort zones. Ford knows how to blend both values. Therefore, the funky little tiny car that you see up there, which isn’t a prototype and is actually going into production soon is a folding electric microcar (literally). As tiny as you think it is, it gets tinier when you are getting ready to park as it can be folded. Wow! That’s my only reaction.

The car is the product of the Hiriko Project, an initiative started in 2010 to bring MIT’s stackable, foldable CityCar to market. Last week, José Manuel Barroso, chief of the European Commission inspected the vehicle and declared it “an answer to the crisis.”

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