BMW snatches priced title from Lexus

In the domain of luxury cars, Lexus has been king for more than a decade now. Not anymore. BMW has met Mercedes in that inking towards snatching the title from Lexus this year, by closing at 247,907 cars annually, with Mercedes lagging behind at 245,192.

After Mercedes won the title for the best luxury car in the United States in 1999, that title was conquered and held by Lexus ever since. BMW has changed that story.

Toyota of course took a setback post production interruptions after the Tsunami that attacked Japan last year.

So what did the long time winner Lexus close at? 198,552 cars, closely followed by Cadillac at

152,389; Acura, with volume of 123,299; Audi, with sales of 117,561; Infiniti, with sales of 98,461, and Lincoln, with U.S. deliveries of 85,643 last year.
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