Ford-funded documentaries to soon start educating young adults on the “green” auto industry

photo courtesy of Ford

While the competition in the electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is getting more intense by the day, the more is the increased gap in the amount of the population that actually knows what the difference between an EV, a plug-in, or a hybrid is. And if the green industry as far as cars are is to succeed, then there definitely needs to be some education in that department. And no, not just dry textbookish literature, but education that is enjoyable and people feel eager to gain something from. Ford understands this need, and therefore while preparing to launch the Ford Focus Electric in 19 markets across the US, the company has now partnered with, a “new-media platform” developed by actor Adrian Grenier of “Entourage” fame and film producer Peter Glatzer, to promote green thoughts and eco-consciousness to a young audience.

What will this union do? Create a website where Ford-funded documentaries will educate the people, especially the younger audience that is yet to be introduced to the whole green energy in the automobiles sector concept. Not only will there be interesting documentaries, but also several art and music performances so that education can happen through the entertaining medium of art and music.

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