The Opel Ampera all set to impress and push the brand into a new era of style and success

Okay so while the interiors of the Opel Ampera might look strikingly similar to the Chevy Volt, Europeans insist that the Opel Ampera has way more oomph and attractiveness potential. They say that the skin of the Ampera is way more sensual than the Volt. As a result, while GM had targeted 8000 production units to start with, the actual number might need to be much higher, and hence the targets have been raised to 10,000 to 15,000 units. Paid reservations are already at 6000 units. But then again, those reservations are nothing more than $212 per unit. Those need not necessarily mean that the those will be purchased, however going by the estimates GM definitely is all geared to be better prepared to meet this demand than it was when it had the Volt. The car is supposed to be the ushering in of a new style and statement for the brand, but at the same time is expected to be a more upscale Opel model.


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