You just got to be a Twitter-o-holic to drive the Audi R8. That easy.

If you haven’t been much of a Twitter-addict, then it is time to be one now. Especially if you’ve always fantasized driving or laying your hands on the Audi R8. Yes, ask Joanne Mccoy, one the fans of the Audi R8 Twitter page #WantAnR8. Audi decided to reward her fanliness by giving her an Audi R8 for the weekend. And guess what? That wasn’t just a one-off. Audi plans to make the dreams of a few more of you come true. All you got to do is go to the Twitter page and tell Audi all about your love for the R8 and why you think you should be one of the special few to be gifted a weekend with your love.

Audi will also showcase the  #WantAnR8 program during the upcoming Petit Le Mans race.

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