Porsche’s 911 predictions indicate a twin lifecycle of 14 years

Granted Porsche has not create any unique, outstanding, identifiable designs in cars for a while, but with the Porsche 911, the Carerra and Carrera S Coupes being introduced to us, we know that the horses that Porsche has straddled is going to be good for the long run. As per predictions, the cars are definitely going to be a double innings spanning the next 14 years.

The Cabriolet, which is expected to be in both regular and S versions is expected to start in 2012, with semi-rigid folding panels under a fabric that will look like an ordinary convertible but will be more solid and hard boot.

The Carerra 4 and Carrerra 4S are expected to be the next in line by the end of 2012, followed by the powerful, 520-horsepower twin-spool 911 Turbo in 2013 and Turbo Cabrio in 2014, along with the  911 GT3 which is arriving in 2013.

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