Time to switch over to feet per second instead of miles per hour

Yes, given the traffic laws and the consequential punishment that follows when you hit unreasonable speed limits is definitely bad enough to make you break into cold sweat when you see your speedometer hitting the 70s. However, wouldn’t something more grave-sounding be a better motivation for you to slow down? Like for example, let’s say the speed limit on the streetside said 102 feet per second. Whoa! One look at that and I might come to a crashing halt.

Sure it has been the popular way of going about the speed since forever, but then again, we all know that system has become more obsolete than can be told. We have reached a time and age where we need more substantial evidence of how much distance we have covered rather than being forecasted an ability to cover a certain number of miles in an hour. For example, something that tells us how much footage we really cover on the streets, would be way more informative than mph.

All said and done, I am sure people probably look at this situation far differently and can come up with several different units of measurement that they may consider more appropriate. So if you disagree with my recommendation, I look forward to reading your two cents.

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