Wow!! Car that can Read Your Mind?!

How would you feel if you had the comfort of knowing that you have additional security while driving? Not through cameras and programs, but with your car that actually reads you mind and can predict your reactions to driving situations, a car that is so in tune with you that you may end up literally trusting it with your life.


Many persons may be uncomfortable with such an idea, due to a fear of mechanical and robotic advancements taking over the world. That is completely understandable. But I think such a creation would make the world a better place, opposed to thoughts of the paranoid.

Too many people perish in accidents because of human error or problems with the car itself, like the brakes failing for example. I believe that this advancement would decrease that significantly or even eradicate it all together.  This in turn would give the world a positive push. Alright, I may be getting a little ahead of myself.

Think about it though. People driving around in extensions of themselves that understand them ad can do what they want, even without it being said. Ignoring them when they are wrong and performing independent actions for the driver and the car when necessary.

You know that with a car so different from the ones we knew back then and even the new ones now, the design would not be the same or even close. The concept for this car was designed by Ian kettle and the current design is of a low and very sleek car with a extremely liquid futuristic design. The interior is freeform, so one is able to sit how they want and wherever they would like while driving. That may take some time to get used to.

With knowing all of that, I will be making certain to keep myself updated on this genius of a vehicle, because it may very well be my dream car of the future. That is, if I am still alive when it’s released. I sure hope so though.



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