General Motors to Allot 10,000 Vauxhall and Opel Amperas to Europe

Opel Ampera

After speaking to potential customers awhile back and creating a demand, General Motors has decided on 10,00 Opel and Vauxhall Amperas for 2012 sales in Europe. Aside from that, it is said that the Opel will get 6,000 Amperas from GM’s 60,000 and Vauxhall will get 4,000 to sell. This summarizes the distribution of the 10,000 Amperas for Europe.


The sales of the plug-ins will be targeted at government agencies and fleets. But I think there may be more personal buyers in Europe. The cost will be a chunky 42,900 Euros for the Opel Ampera, which will be launched this year. While the Vauxhall Ampera will go for 33, 995 Pounds after its release in spring, 2012.


This plug-in car has a nice look. I think I may actually prefer it over the volt. But, I won’t jump to that conclusion just yet.



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