2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo pricing details are out!

Those of you who have been awaiting the pumped up, all polished 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo have been eagerly awaiting the pricing details. So here we go. The best performing version f the Beetle is expected to retail at $23,395, followed by $24,495 if ou would like to receive six-speed DSG transmission. Base models are expected to sell at $18,995 with the old five-speed manual gearbox. Step it up a bit to the Tiptronic six-speed auto for $20,895.

The gorgeous bug is expected to be available in three versions: Base, Sunroof and Sunroof, Sound and Navi. Pay $27,995 and you can get a top-shelf 2.0T with the panoramic sunroof, Fender hi-fi sound system and navigation. For another 2k extra, you can get DSG for $29,095.

Click here for a full run-down on prices.

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