Don’t be stunned if you see the ‘Big Banana Car’ zifting past you this Spring!

I’ve heard of creative charitable efforts yes, but this one totally rocks it. The banana-shaped car that you see in the picture above is not just a funny pseudo-car sitting at the entrance of some circus, but a real one, built from scratch out of a 1991 Ford F-150. Developed by Steve Braithwaite who moved to the US from England two decades ago, the ‘Big Banana’ car is going to be used by him and his brother Spade to tour the world and spread awareness about deep venin thrombosis, a medical condition that led to their mother’s death.

Going by the looks of that car, it isn’t surprising that the brothers have already managed to raise $1200 for the cause and hope to be able to raise a lot more. Come Spring, and don’t be surprised if you see this eye-catching Banana-shaped car zifting past you and leaves you wondering if you just saw what you saw.

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