2012 Scion xB brings Pandora and other audio thrills at your disposal!

If you are looking for a reasonably priced luxury-appeal car, the 2012 Scion xB will be available at dealerships soon. There’s not much different from the older versions, however for those music lovers out  there to whom the thrill of the ride lies in listening to great music on the journey, the 2012 Scion xB definitely has choices. The head unit comes with HD Radio, so multiple radio stations can be heard through the same frequency, which means more variety, less clutter. That apart it has bluetooth audio streaming options with hands-free phone connectivity and USB audio support for all types of MP3s and iPods.

The new Pioneer Premium audio system comes with a 5.8-inch LCD touchscreen with iTunes tagging capabilities and the ability to blast some great music using Pandora directly from your phone! The 5-speed manual version of the car would be available for $16,500. But if you spend a few extra hundreds, you could just get the automatic for $17,500 plus destination fee.

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