Sir Elton John’s AIDS Charity fund-raised for by chrome-coated Audi!

Chrome-coated stunner cars are a class apart. Those glistening sexy cars that blind your eyes in the sun but keep you wide-mouthed till it passes by, are completely worth it if you can afford it. The last time I saw something similar was while walking on the sidewalks to Jumerah Beach in Dubai and I saw an Arab guy walk out of a very good-looking chrome-coated car. Not to mention, I spotted a few with Ferraris later.

But this time, this car that you see was not chrome-coated by some zillionaire oil moghul to impress his partners, but by Audi itself in support of Sir Elton John’s AIDS Charity. I think that is awesome. Beauty with a cause never loses its charm. Errrm, dear Audi officials, I’m starting a charity soon too. Want to gift me a chrome-coated car too? I’ll raise the money from it. ;)

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