Porsche 911 decimated for gunning practice: Hurray!

If you thought Porsche drivers were complete street-whores that cut people off without as much as a blink, what you see above might actually thrill you. But then again, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. That is not the Porsche of an escaped convict being gunned down for civil disobedience (although some of them kinda ask for it with that roadside ettiquette). It is simply a run down Porsche 911 which was not even in the position to be sold for parts. The owner of the car was kind enough to donate to the Commonwealth Second Ammendment Comm2A Charity, a charity that works on getting sanity to Massachusetts gun laws, instead of draining 200,000$ in repairing it.

The car was rammed with bullets of all shapes and sizes at a fundraiser put up by the Northeast Shooters, an event attended by 140 people. They estimate it cost about 10,000 dollars to decimate the beast, but even then if you look closely, there were several very strong areas on the Porsche that the rounds could not make it through. So you know there is a reason why the Porsche drivers are not scared of displaying complete road rage. ;).

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