The Stallion Porsche 911: Re-Turbo-ed courtesy Hamann

Porsche 911 Re-Turbo-ed courtesy HamannNo, it is not the Porsche 911 Turbo part II. It is the Stallion. Yes, as sleek as a Stallion and as robust as the Porsche. The Hamann Stallion that you see up there is the brainchild of Hamann, the Laupheim, Germany-based sports-car tuner, which raises the standards of performance on various cars, be it the Lamborghinis or the Ferraris.

If you thought this was your regular 480 Horsepower speedster, think again. This one gives you a whopping 630 HP! The turbochargers have been swapped for bigger nozzled turbochargers, a new steel exhaust, and new air filters. The roof was altered by 2 and ½ inches and supplemented with a new aero kit and 20-inch three piece modular rims.

The Hamann Stallion makes 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, which is .6 seconds faster than the not-so-regular Turbo. As it has earned its racing stripes (paint job) and Lambo’s scissor doors, this car definitely packs a neat punch.


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