Lexus IS: Tuned and tweaked

lexus-prototypeIt was suspected to be the next Lexus IS, but we say it isn’t so. This is a modified or I should say tuned version, which was being tested under sheets for hiding the names on the decals, in this case Gazoo racing. The car is set to compete for the ADAC Rennstrecken Trophy Endurance race in Germany. It was suspected to be a race car due to the roll cage inside this prototype. But this one is meant for serious business and is stripped down of all the luxuries usually offered by a regular Lexus IS.

The Lexu IS is lowered and has racing seats, it a Lexus IS 250 which competes in SP5 category ranging from 2.0 to 2.5 liter engine. The car was heavily followed by rumors to be the next Lexus IS or a more powerful IS-F. Finally this Lexus did not turn out to be that melodramatic.


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